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B. Braun Avitum Philippines Inc.

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Some of our top product lines include Dialog+ Hemodialysis Machine which features optically and ergonomically mature design, patient data memory of up to 50 treatments and colored LCD touch screen with self-explanatory icons that shortens learning curve of the staff; Diacap Polysulfone Dialysers which has excellent clearance and biocompatibility profile, and a simple yet safe handling, with low residual blood volume after dialysis; Diacan AV Fistula Needles with extremely thin-walled needles and optimally cut bevel for a gentle and pain free puncture; Haemocat Signo Subclavian Catheter Set with quick, economical, and simple position control through the arterial ECG lead during catheterization; Pre-mixed Hemodialysis Bicarbonate, Acid, and Acetate Concentrates which use only the purest water to ensure total effectiveness and safety with complete range of formulation to satisfy specific needs of dialysis patients.