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How can I have a quality life while on dialysis?

To many, this seems to be the end of the world and all type of questions begin to flood their minds. The feeling of guilt for non-compliance to initial treatment, cursing oneself and blaming fate, shock, disbelief, desperation, and depression, anxiety, hostility and anger can all occur.

Quality of life encompasses satisfaction in many areas of which the physical, psychological and sexual aspects are more important. There is bound to be certain changes to the lifestyle of the patient and this is stressful to them with good clinical and technical indicators on treatment outcome, the patients can be well rehabilitated and be able to lead an almost normal life and live for longer years.

Rehabilitation can be done physically by developing exercise programs, social interactions by forming a patient support group to facilitate therapeutic discussions and allow patients to educate each other, and lastly continued career work, participation in political or social organizations etc.

There is an acute need for dialysis patient to accept the fact that positive rehabilitation does contribute to dialysis outcome and delivery of quality care.