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B. Braun – Sharing Expertise
For over 170 years, the name B. Braun has stood for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the development of medical devices and services for the healthcare market worldwide.

Networking knowledge and creating synergies – for healthcare
The motto “Sharing Expertise” goes right to the heart of B. Braun’s spirited commitment to ongoing dialogue, unconditional reliability, and superior quality. This, in synergy with a rigorous, holistic knowledge about products, treatment modalities, procedures, and processes has empowered B. Braun to corner a position on the healthcare market as one of the world-leading companies.

B. Braun’s organizational structure has four divisions, each with a different focus but interlinked with expertise: Hospital Care develops product and service concepts for the clinical sector. Aesculap specializes in core processes for surgery; Out Patient Market is a provider for doctors’ practices and home care sectors; and lastly, the medical technology division’s core business deals with systems for extracorporeal blood treatment.

Extracorporeal blood treatment systems
B. Braun Medizintechnologie GmbH belongs to the medical technology division. This entity develops, manufactures, and sells product-based systems for Hemodialysis, Acute Dialysis, and Therapeutic Aphresis. A comprehensive offering of support and services, as well as its own dialysis centers round off the performance spectrum. B. Braun enjoys a stellar reputation in all markets – domestic, European, and foreign.

Excellence through independence
So that we are able to guarantee consistently excellent quality for all products on a dependably high level, we not only design and develop all machines for extracorporeal blood treatment at our home manufacturing plant in Melsungen, but we produce them as well. Dialog+ Hemodialysis machines for the treatment of patients with Chronic Renal Failure, Diapact® CRRT for acute dialysis and Plasmat® Futura apheresis technology are all manufactured right here under the strictest quality controls and exclusive by qualified specialists.

Integrated systems
Knowing that process safety never depends on one single component, the medical technology division develops and manufactures the disposable parts according to each therapy form and software along with the extracorporeal blood treatment machines at its facilities in Melsungen, Glandorf, Radeberg, Berggießhübel, Mirandola, and Budapest. Original B. Braun quality is integral everywhere. That’s proof that we are a competent partner in extracorporeal blood treatment systems.


The History of the B. Braun Medical Technology Division

At the beginning of World War I, B. Braun builds a smithy for the production of surgical braces.
  • 1919: This simple blacksmith’s workshop is turned into a machine shop. Besides the original surgical braces, the machine shop now fabricates medical devices and equipment like sphygmomanometers and tourniquets.
  • 1950: By combining the glass blower’s workshop, machine shop and plastic processing into the equipment construction department, the cornerstone is laid for the later medical and laboratory technology business unit. In the 1960s, the equipment construction department starts producing the world’s first sterile manufactured PD rinsing solutions for peritoneal dialysis in flat canisters.
  • 1969: The B. Braun FRABA GmbH is founded in Cologne. The company produces machines and accessories for the hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and markets blood treatment products. The name FRABA comes from Franz Baumgartner, a pioneer in dialysis, who had already manufactured dialysis machines and marketed products for blood treatment under the name FRABA. Baumgartner was the first in the Federal Republic of Germany to develop and produce an artificial kidney.
  • 1979: B. Braun FRABA GmbH moves its headquarters from Cologne to Melsungen. B. Braun Melsungen AG merges with B. Braun FRABA GmbH.
  • 1981: The B. Braun FRABA business unit is integrated into the medical and laboratory technology business unit.
  • 1987: The biotechnology product group becomes a separate subsidiary after its spin-off from the medical technology. It calls itself B. Braun Biotech International (BBI).
  • 1994: B. Braun Melsungen AG undergoes restructuring. The extracorporeal blood treatment unit is renamed the Medical Technology Division.
  • 1996: The Medical Technology Division acquires Schiwa GmbH in Glandorf and Renamed Medizintechnik GmbH in Bremrhaven which supplies a major share of dialysis fluids. This fusion leads to an expansion of the German sales force. Order processing for disposables is relocated to Glandorf. B. Braun gains importance in the sector as a provider of fluids for dialysis treatment in Europe.
  • 2000: The B. Braun Melsungen AG relinquishes its 90% share in the B. Braun Biotech International BBI to Sartorious AG. The medical technology division still remains a supplier to Sartorious BBI System GmbH.
  • 2001: B. Braun Medizintechnologie GmbH is spun off from the Medical Technology Division, thereby becoming a 100% subsidiary of B. Braun Melsungen AG. The units extracorporeal blood treatment machine assembly and manufacture of all disposable products, development, sales, marketing, purchasing, technical service, quality management, regulatory affairs, controlling and Eurocare Business (Avitum) all belong to this subsidiary.
  • 2004: B. Braun acquires Saxonia Medical GmbH and integrates it into the medical technology division. Saxonia Medical in Radeberg produces dialyzers and filters utilizing ultra modern technologies.
  • 2005: B. Braun acquires the Ascalon Gesellschaft für Innovation in der Medizintechnologie mbH, an Incorporated Company for Innovation in Medical Technology, and integrates it into the medical technology division. Ascalon is manufacturer of the hollow fiber membranes used for the dialyzer production at Saxonia Medical.