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Technological excellence on the global market
The people at the B. Braun manufacturing plan in Melsungen leave nothing to chance during the production of their machines: the award-winning Dialog+ for hemodialysis, the Diapact® CRRT for acute dialysis, and the Plasmat® Futura for apheresis. Under the strictest quality controls, the major portion of functional components are not only produced but also assembled at the production headquarters in Melsungen. This way, we can offer customers consistently superior quality and quick response times.

Customized production
An impressive example: Dialog+. This hemodialysis machine is produced for the global market in 35 different variants according to exact customer specifications. We are committed to our own agreed-on daily volumes: machine equipped with our sophisticated technology are ready for delivery within eight days at the latest after the assembly department receives the order. This guaranteed delivery schedule relies on extremely flexible working hours model in conjunction with outstanding coordination, organization and logistics and, not least, thanks to the top priority the Melsungen production plant places on safety management requirements.

Highly skilled craftsmanship
So that the ambitious standards can be upheld, only highly skilled specialists work in production, two thirds of them having received their training at B. Braun. Before new employees start their work in production, they are taken to visit dialysis wards. This helps them become sensitized to the ethics of medical devices and the special problems dialysis patients have in using them. The way the divisionally independent, partially autonomous work groups are organized additionally promotes the employees’ sense of personal responsibility for the final product.

A rotational principle produces greater incentives to work, elevates flexibility in the event of work lost to vacation or illness and ensures that the employees never lose their “sense of the whole”. Beyond this, they also are given regular product training courses so that they can implement new hardware and software innovations rapidly and professionally.

Certified Quality
Throughout the different production stages, the machines are subjected to numerous tests and inspections. All safety-critical components are tracked by means of seamless equipment history, electronic data processing-assisted systems, and quality documents.

The countless certifications and innovation awards give testimony to the first-class quality of the extracorporeal blood treatment machines produced by B. Braun. Technological excellence – made in Melsungen.


Dialysis machine assembly process sequence
In Melsungen, the production of the Dialog+ hemodialysis machine is customer-request driven every step of the way. Because our highly skilled employees work with maximum flexibility, delivery deadlines are met and dependable product quality guaranteed in compliance with the highest safety standards. And this applies to not just one, but all 35 Dialog+ variants.